Loan operations

Sirvatus is a modern comprehensive loan operations platform specifically engineered for today's direct lenders.

Legacy loan operations

Legacy loan operations infrastructure has relied on a disjointed, siloed set of tools resulting in unnecessary friction, errors, and inefficiency.



With Sirvatus, direct lenders finally have full control of loan operations

Crafted by direct lending practitioners, Sirvatus replaces the disjointed processes and legacy workflows of the past with a unified future proof loan operations platform that provides unparalleled efficiency and scalability.


Loan orchestration

Loans are an evolving asset. Amendments, PIK toggles, rollovers, assignments, and other events impact loan operations. Sirvatus is architected for loan ops teams to seamlessly manage the evolution of a deal from origination to maturity.

Data liquidity

Our modern infrastructure provides real-time, fingertip access to loan data and activity for the front, middle and back office.

Operational throughput

Effortlessly manage the intensity of loan operations with our embedded task functionality to keep borrowers, agents, and lenders in sync.

Counterparty collaboration

As the center of gravity for a deal, lead lenders, co-lenders, borrowers, agents, and service providers can each have appropriate access to a deal's single source of truth.

Ready to transform your loan ops workflow?

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