The operating system
for private credit.

Purpose-built for direct lenders from the ground up, Sirvatus is a full-cycle loan servicing automation platform that provides a frictionless management experience for lenders and their borrowers—enabling both parties to optimize operationally and mitigate risk.

With Sirvatus, lenders finally have full control of their loan operations—from origination to maturity.

Crafted by direct lending practitioners, we've taken the manual processes and clunky workflows inherent in today's direct lending operations and transformed them into a modern, intuitive loan management system that breaks down the complexity barriers of private credit portfolio management into a simple, scalable platform.


Loan State Management

Loans originated by direct lenders are bespoke and dynamic. Structures vary, interest rates change, documents are amended, and borrowers sometimes default. Sirvatus allows lenders to effortlessly manage the full, ever-changing lifecycle of every loan in their portfolio.


Enhance Portfolio Visibility

Get a centralized, real-time view of your loan portfolio, with key statistics at your fingertips like borrowing activity, unfunded commitments, loans outstanding, interest rate trends, and more.


Optimize Loan Operations

With tasks and notifications, your team and borrowers will always be in sync and up to speed on what is required to maintain payment and reporting compliance. No more late payments or delinquent compliance certificates.


Collaborate With Borrowers

Powered by Sirvatus, borrowers can access loan documents, see upcoming payments, and submit their reporting obligations, providing a transparent and collaborative borrower experience.